Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nico and Phase

I'm back, finally from China like two months ago. Not just that , so as my blog!
I know I said this many times- I will still try to update as many as possible.
This time, I has set the setting to some readers only, thou I know there is not much reader.

So right now, is the new stage of my life =/ , the one long stage of working life - from primary, secondary, college and then University. Sigh!!

I am not gonna talk about my new phase because it isn't exactly started yet.

So this post is gonna be one of the many China incident experience I had and this take place at Suzhuo railway Station on 26th December 2010.

After Christmas at Shanghai, I was told by my Dad that he got a friend in Suzhuo, that could take care of me. So he gave me that friend number, so i called his number many times, either didn't pick up or engaged. So I couldn't get him, but my dad insisted me to go his Suzhuo first.

So when I reach Suzhuo, at 1430pm, then explored around the station. Then found one 24 hours KFC Restaurant. So my initial plan was to overnight there if there is no news about his friend.

EAT-SLEEP- NO PLAY involved obviously until 2330, then I couldn't stand it anymore. then I realize that I got a free hotel booklet back from a promoter at the Shanghai Station.
So I used that booklet to find out the cheapest hotel/motel around Suzhuo.
As soon as I found it, I called my sis back home to find the direction from Station to the hotel.

Come and think of it, if I actually ignore the promoter like everyone else, I would actually end up and rot at the restaurant.

Anyhow, as soon as I located the hotel with my sixth sense, I carry up my backpack, handbag and laptop bag head out to find cab.

When I'm at the outside of the railway station, there are lot of 'promoter' promo their accommodation and transport. So I ignore at first, keep on looking for cab station.
Till I couldn't find one, I ask one of them, then slowly, it accumulated the rest of them , around 10 people, surround me and insists me to go on with their ride.

Then, one of them asked, are you from Korea? ( as I was wearing beanie, in china, if you wear something on your head, high chances that you being Korean). then I said no, then they keep on guessing, and they will never guess it was Malaysia anyway. Anyhow, as them surrounded me, I was so afraid that they would actually can just snatch my stuff away.

Nevertheless, I ignore them by just walking out the circle, then head out of the station.
As I heading out, one of them ride scooter , and offer me the ride to the hotel, for 25 yuan and even comment that the hotel i picked is expensive. I ignore , obviously.

Thank goodness that I know how to read Chinese character, that it stated Cab station this way.
Quickly walk toward that direction, and then they did not follow up anymore as if they that the cab station is too holy or bright for them being vampire-ish to walk in like that.

So i ask the cab driver about , them like what are they, what are they doing.
the cab driver said they are 'black vehicle', often charge higher rate than usual to place.

Anyhow, the driver took 10 min to my hotel, which expected anyway.

If I really think of it, if I didn't do either one of it -

take the hotel booklet from the promoter
study Chinese since 7
do hotel location with estimated distance and direction

I would end up with much worse ending of this post.

Nevertheless, I did tips the driver for giving me lot information , and got a very affordable and comfortable place to overnight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nico and TOO BUSY!

I think, I think. . I think. . .
Too many things need to take care of!
Research Assistant Job, Research, stare at sky and imagine some Greek symbol float around.
Then China Visa, Great Wall, Grant, Currency risk, FOREX, SURVEY, EXAM! CFA Investment! PRESENTATION! TRIP! THESIS! GRAD STUDENT LIFE. TRIATHLON!

OH my god!! This is suck!

Nevertheless, I still love my life =D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nico & Busy, NOT NOW

I know is it's been a while I did not update my blog.
Mainly is LAZY =P...
Anyhow, I still gotta blog bits of what I have done or things that is 'significant' for past few months.
But not now...I'm BUSY =D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nico & Portsea Swim Classic 2010

From now on, I'm going to change the format of my blog by using align left instead of align center.
Meanwhile, I'm also looking for new layout for my blog.
If there is any suggestion, just comment at this post, alright?

On 16th January 2010, I went to Portsea ( which is 80km from where I live) for Portsea Swim Classic.

It's 1200m, we are talking about 12 laps (back n' flow = 1 lap) of Olympic size swimming pool (50m length).

Nevertheless, to cover my distance for this event, I already jo
in as member for Monash Aquatic ever since I landed on Melbourne.
With the member, I have unlimited access to the pool.
So occasionally, you will noticed my hair was wet when I head in lecture hall or tutorial room.
Or you can even smell the chlorine from my body.

Anyway, Me and Chelsea woke up 630am in the morning to
catch public transport.
and it took us 3 hours to reach that place.

And of course, it did not disappoint us even thou it ruined our sleep.

There were so many people around the pier.
So, as soon as I allocate the Monash tent, I grab my race kit and change.
A little heads up, this is the 'latest' picture of my hair.

Before of wear the swimming cap,
I know it's hilarious.
Better yet, if you actually compare to this :

Yes, it is classic!
As we were speaking of the event, my wave ( Men Open) start at 12pm.
This is how are we suppose be ready at the beach.
As the whistle blowed, everyone jump/dive/walk/run/hop/crawl/jump with one leg/ into the
sea and began their 1200m of open water swimming.
This is the picture of open water swimming around the pier.
As I started swimming, the water was cold freezing. Well, this is Atlantic water where from south pole. Correct me if I'm wrong.

While longer, I get used to the temperature and then slowly front crawl towards the check point.
Sadly, It took me so effing long to reach because of the current and the multiples wave hits on my face.

This is what I actually see when I swimming.
and under the water, it's too magical for me to describe.
You might see shining stuff under the seabed.

As I keep swimming, I often goes wrong direction which I hate the most, because it will take longer distance that you suppose be.

Until this happen :
Lifeguard approaching me and say I took too long on the water.
He claimed that I wasn't moving at the some of the point as the current and the wind too strong.
At the same time, my leg wasn't at good condition as well.

So , I give up and join the rest of not completing it.
Gotta admit, I kinda disappointed about it but there is nothing much I can do about it.
Not that I not enough training, I even swam 2km. Maybe because I don't have the experience of it.

One thing need to amend about is, Correct my front crawl stroke and yea. participated again in future. =)

A picture of us with the volunteers.
P.S : After the swim, I cycled 7.5km to work as I miss the schedule bus. It was dead tired for me after, 4 hours of working and cycled 7.5km back home. But it was worth for the money, I guess.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nico & New Year Resolutions 2010

2010 had arrived.
Frankly I got nothing to look forward for this year.
Therefore, everything will be a surprise for me, I suppose.

To readdress this post, I would like to announce that my previous new year resolution was

I did not complete swimathon.
I did not say 'Yes' for things that suppose to say.
I did not complete my monthly recipes.
I was immature and had lot fun for previous year.

Like I said, It was EPIC failure.
So, for this year, I am going for the Pulau Kapas Swimathon during March.
To start off , I'm about to participate the 1200m Swim classic at Port Sea.
Although, it is just 20% of the Swimathon but is always better than nothing.

Next, I gotta be LESS Sarcasm
Well, I can't deny that.
But what I'm trying to say, I will TRY MY BEST for not giving unnecessary comment UNLESS is necessary.

For my academic prospect, I gotta think deeper than I always do for my assignments

and try to listen other opinion even thou they are wrong.

Lastly, I will try to update my blog as much as possible.
I did not note much things about last year and now I'm regret for not remember anything about it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nico & New Year Eve 2010

Despite how much I miss my home/friends back at my home country, how much I always wanted to go back now, this is the only reason why still hang around Australia till now.

As I mentioned, I worked during NYE. Pathetic eh?
Believe it or not, I had lot fun from it.
(minus off the heavy load of stock carry around city and the stress of not getting sales done)
Seriously, where can you get a job that can earn and celebrate at the same time.

I'm not gonna mentioned much what I sold,
this picture is gonna explain everything.
Those things that on me, are the things are meant to be sold.
Including things on mouth. =D

During NYE, Melbourne had a heavy rain.
(Obviously , you can see it from my silky long curly hair, hate you YINM!)
Thankfully, it wasn't a thunderstorm, else it gonna be huge disappointment for everyone.
Nevertheless, Me, Tak Leong & Chelsea had fun under the rain thou we knew that we gonna sick or how stinky and soaky our shoes gonna be.

It might seems sucky to work under the rain, but the cheerful atmosphere did not break me down.

People huge around, greet and simple hand greeting like this:
Simple hand knuckle down with one the customers =D
It's hurt btw..ouch =(

Of course , seen funny stuff :
asking for free stuff from us by claiming is new year.
Nico: you gotta save money on yourself , wont ya?
Customer: No , No I'm expecting free stuff from ya.

Overall , had a great fun night during NYE
and earn lot money from it.
is $3000. Yes , I'm holding close to 10,000RM on my hand.

To put and end of this post, these are ours last word for 2009.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nico & 2009

Every time when we reached at the very end of the year,
we tend to rephrase what have we done for the year itself.

Well, for myself.
Frankly, I have learn quite lot stuff and met lot people from diffe
rent culture.
I wouldn't be surprise that this year could be the best year of my life when I soon realize at the older age.

Instead of telling what's the bitty stuff that I've done every month.
I shall categories all the event, incidents , things into good and bad.

let's start with the bad one, shall we?

1. I did not complete my 2009 new year resolutions by:
a.NOT complete swimathon at Kapas Island.
b. NOT saying yes to anything for most time.
c. NOT doing monthly recipes!


2. Lost on C3 competition but had a great time with Elite group =(

3. Lost my cell phone again and left it at New Zealand during
the trip.
How's that sound?

4. I regret that I did not complete any Triathlon event this year.

5. I hurt my knee cap by cycling 100km after 42km of running.

6. I fail one unit during semester 2!

7. Lost my passport during Gold Coast and Brisbane trip.

Despites how bad are those incident, life is all about balance
according to generalization theory
P.S : I'm working hard on that theory.
Thus, when there's bad, definitely have good to be existed to define life.

The first good thing that happen on me during 2009:

1. I have ever finally step into Australia for the first time of my life.
I know it sounds cheesy but it is just the fact of it and I do take a big deal about it.

2. Met lot of different people around the world during the exchange program.

3. Had done Marathon @ MELBOURNE within 5 hours.

4. Week after that, Around the bay 100km cycling from Sorrento to Melbourne City.
5. been south island of New Zealand

Gold Coast : Wet n' Wild, Dream and Movie World.
And Canerra trip for making replacement passport

6. Did Bungy Jumping

7. Did Handstand Beer Bong

8. being waiter at Malaysian Restaurant During my semester

9. Sales during NYE

and lot More.
I wish I had more time to do this last post for 2009.
But that is all I could recall for now...

GTG now
Going Federation Square and sell those light saber on the street.
and yes.
I'm th guy who sell those spray thingy.